Please refer to the LL.M.-Enrollment-To-Do-List in order to complete all tasks necessary for enrollment.

Course Registration

You can find instructions on how to register for your courses by following this link: http://registrar.law.wfu.edu/registration/

Please read all instructions thoroughly and be sure to register for any courses required for your chosen track. We encourage students to begin registering for classes before they arrive. Registration can be changed and many students alter their course selections during orientation. Choosing courses before arrival helps to begin the process of building your schedule.

Courses Offered and Fall/Spring Schedules:

If you have any questions regarding your course registration, please contact Christi Hardwick at hardwic@wfu.edu.

     *If you are interested in taking Contracts, please read: We are directing all LL.M. students towards the course titled 102-5 Contracts- LL.Ms. The course is designed to emphasize the parts of contract law that will be unfamiliar to LL.Ms trained in the civil law. It includes all of the important issues from Contracts I and II. Contracts for LL.Ms is a course designed for and taken by LL.Ms. You may take additional courses that deal with the subject of Contracts, such as Business Drafting and International Business Transactions.  Please use the links above to view course descriptions and schedules.

Faculty Advisors

Each incoming LL.M. student will receive an individual faculty advisor.  In our effort to select the professor who is the best match for your interests, there is some information we need from you. Your answers to these questions will assist us in finding the faculty member who will be most useful to you as an advisor.  If you have a preference of whom you would like to serve as your faculty advisor,  please let us know and we will try to accommodate your request. You may view our faculty profiles.